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Our formulas are 100% organic without harmful agents or chemicals.


The Making of Defined Naturals

Defined Naturals was founded by Joyce Moon, loving wife and mother of eight children, who has always had a desire to develop a natural and healthy lifestyle. Ironically, this desire became a reality for her when she and her family went through a financial hardship in which she was forced to save money where ever she could. Having such a large family, she had to think of ways to get a bang for her buck. So she began to research the benefits of making her own day to day products.

With many family challenges she could no longer get her curly hair straightened at the hair studio that she frequently visited. So, she tried to maintain her hair on her own but was unsatisfied with the results. The products that she purchased and methods that she used to manage her hair were not working for her. This is when she began to investigate products and methods that would work on her unique hair texture.  Shortly after embarking on this journey she discovered the truth about the unhealthy ingredients within most hair and skin care products sold today. She began searching for chemical free ingredients in order to blend to make products that were safe to use on her family. Her results were amazing, and Defined Naturals was born.

She started off making her famous Premium body butters, enriched with organic ingredients for her family. Today, she lavishes in creating her own hair and skin care products and has birthed a product line filled with rich, moisturizing, organic ingredients.

She defines her line with the following statement -

"Defined Naturals is taking the time to define what fits your hair and skin type. It's taking the time to embrace techniques and ingredients that are nourishing to your hair and body- It's like finding your authentic you"

Joyce takes pride in taking the time to “define natural” and encourages you to define natural too.



Certified Fair Trade Organic Ingredients
Natural Emollients & Emulsifiers
Cosmeceutical Grade Ingredients
Essential and Aromatherapy Grade Oils
Sustainable & Ethical Ingredients
Natural Preservatives

X Parabens
X Mineral oiL
X Petroleum

X Petro-Chemicals
X Glycols
X Silicones
X Phthalates
X Formaldehyde
X Paraffin
X Propylene

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