Eczema Relief Cream

Eczema Relief Cream

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This Shea Butter Whip is best used to aid in the healing of Eczema. With Camelina and Cranberry Seed Oil, both high in Omega fatty acids 3-9, this butter is excellent for Eczema and Psoriasis sufferers. Avocado and Acai butters blend together to form the base for this relief cream. Its ingredients improve elasticity of the skin, provides a protective seal for hair follicles, and is high in naturally occurring preservatives such as tocopherols.

This double agent butter maintains moisture superbly, absorbs quickly and lasts long.

Our products natural organic ingredients promotes suppleness, shine, and beauty from your head to your toes. Treat yourself today with our Premium Whipped Shea Butter!


Shea butter, acai butter, avocado butter, cranberry seed oil, camelina seed oil, jojoba oil, fragrance, vitamin E (preservative

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